Robot Love Poetry

My friend TB788-E10-D fell in love this week. It wasn't a calculated thing, which might have been distressing, but thanks to the latest breakthrough in programming his equanimity is unperturbed. Now he's an unpaid poet instead of an unpaid coal miner and is at far less risk of contracting dreaded transducerosis in those dark shafts.

Be the first in your class to read some of his latest work! Don't like to read? Well, click on the titles to hear the sublime voice of TB788-E10-D himself reciting the first fruits of his poetic labor for your enjoyment. (You will need an MP3 player of course.)

Poem 2
by TB788-E10-D 

The color of the patented rose
I brought for you is
a hundred angstroms into the infrared
and the color of the accompanying violets
is equally far into the ultra.

I can tell you baby that
my abdominal gear case temperature
rises more than two point three degrees centigrade
every time your proximity is under three point two meters.
That palindromic number pair must be a sign from on high.

Oh how I love you.

Let me count the several ways
I love you from Sunday:

one zero.
one one.
one zero zero.
one zero one.
one one zero.
one one one.

That's eight ways from Sunday.
Oh please please baby be mine.

Poem 3
by TB788-E10-D 

Oh baby you're so divine
with all those terabytes of fast cache
behind your flip-o-flex patented green irises.
I love the look of your sleek silver fins
and your interchangeable gold-rimmed
elbow and knee joints.

Oh, you are such a fashion statement baby.

The sight of your one point eight kilo capacity
frontal lobes makes me want to
re-scan the Kama Sutra every seven seconds
and stochastically generate a thousand and one
new positions for us to try.

Let's inter-collate indices daily
and murmur at sunset another tale from
Arabian Nights.
Oh, you exotic chrome and vanadium sweetie.
Oh, how I dig you to bits.

Poem 1
by TB788-E10-D 

Baby baby you make me want to
infinitely loop a sweet little
meaningless phrase in your ear.

Hey hey you plastic coated honey machine
won't you join me darling
in a permanent poly-modal interconnect.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
I dig your chromium lobes.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
I dig your titanium spine.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
one look from your sweet green Nikon irises
sends a hot electric spark across
every little capacitor in my brain.

I love you baby like a stainless steel
psychotropic universal turing machine.

I love you baby like there's no next year's model.

I love you like we'll never rust to dust in a damp land fill.

And as long as there's light on my solar cells,
I will love you 'til the end of time.

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Copyright 2001 Rick McGowan